What is Digital Marketing?

What is Digital Marketing and Why Is It Important?

Digital Marketing is the system where the promotion, advertising, and sales transactions made using today’s technological facilities are carried out. In order to understand this system better, we need to know the meanings of the words. In order to establish a correct digital marketing strategy, you first need to analyze an option that you intend to use.

Digital; related to number, based on number, means numerical. Digital marketing as a marketing method is a measurable form of the marketing system.

Marketing; is a set of systems that includes different disciplines such as sales, public relations, pricing, packaging, and distribution to deliver the product or service to potential customers. Marketing is the art of allocating resources (time and money) to achieve goals (profits).

In a more comprehensive definition, digital marketing is the work of marketing activities on the internet, mobile and other interactive platforms.

Differences between Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing

The biggest difference that separates digital marketing from traditional marketing is that it is measurable, the advertiser can instantly revise the ads and the dominance is high. You must have data that can be used to analyze the efficiency and effectiveness of an advertisement you have placed. In this way, you can see how much the advertisement you have used has benefited you and the marginal effect of your spending.

Digital Marketing has a lower cost than traditional marketing. It allows you to get the highest efficiency with the least cost. At the same time, you can make adjustments to who will see the ads and when.

Another difference is that Digital Marketing will reach you to a wider audience.

Digital Marketing and Target Audience

The most critical point of marketing is the ability to show the right things to the right person, as given in the example above. In your digital marketing activities, you can choose the appropriate audiences for your product or service and carry out more specific advertising activities. In this way, you can get better results by using your ads more effectively.

What are Digital Marketing Topics?

The Digital Marketing process is carried out in four steps. It is divided into many specialties in itself. It is very important to know and apply these critical steps well in terms of efficiency and optimization.

Acquire; It is the process of providing the traffic that needs to be drawn to the relevant area in order to promote your product or service.

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Marketing
Social Media Marketing
E-Mail Marketing
Mobile Marketing

Convert; These are the activities that will be done for your visitors to implement the goals you set, after drawing traffic to your site or your products by using the above steps as needed. At this point, we can call the actions to be taken as transformation. These conversions are determined according to need. If you are doing these procedures for an E-Commerce site, the target will be sales. However, for a blog post, you will have different goals such as reading and sharing the post.

Measure & Optimize; We have said that the most important benefit of digital marketing is measurement. At this point, you will see the effect of your activities with the data to be obtained. It should be shown mathematically how beneficial or not, which choice is more correct. In this way, you can systematically reveal where and what to do for future periods.

Retain & Grow; You have attracted traffic to your site with related transactions, directed them to targets, and measured how successful you are. It refers to the work you will do in order not to lose the customers and readers you get after these processes and to turn them into loyal customers and readers.

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